Wind tunnel FreeFlyCenter - a unique spot in Leszno

Do you dream of flying?
Check this out!

Indoor skydiving is an extraordinary attraction for you, your friends and family, and a perfect spot for corporate events. Start your adventure with an indoor skydiving and improve your skills in our wind tunnel.

Dziewczyna patrzy w okno i marzy o lataniu.

Fun for everyone!

Our wind tunnel is open to everyone above 5 years old. You don't need any previous tunnel experience! And there's no upper age limit! We also invite the disabled, but due to safety reasons we recommend to contact us prior to the visit.

Szczęśliwe starsze małżeństwo uśmiecha przed lotem w tunelu aerodynamicznym

Is it safe?
Don't worry!

Before your flight you'll participate in a safety briefing and get a professional suit, helmet and goggles. You will fly in a vertical tube with a trained instructor who takes care of your safety.

Uśmiechnięta kobieta lata w tunelu w towarzystwie instruktora

Dziecko pokazuje kciuki po udanym locie w aerotunelu

For kids and adults

If you haven't tried indoor skydiving yet, check out our offer for first-timers. Everyone above 5 years old can fly in our tunnel! This is what makes it a perfect place to visit with your friends and family.

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Ciemna karta podarunkowa jako prezent dla znajomych i rodziny

Gift voucher

Our voucher is a unique gift for your family and friends. Give them an unforgettable adventure in a wind tunnel, where they will experience how it feels to fly.

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Doświadczony skoczek lata głową w dół

The biggest wind tunnel in Poland

Have you tried indoor skydiving? Are you a skydiver looking for a chance to practice? Check out our offer for professionals. FreeFlyCenter is the first and biggest wind tunnel in Poland.

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Catering podczas zorganizowanej imprezy firmowej

Events organization

An unforgettable corporate party? No problem! We'll find a suitable hotel, organize catering and our instructors will take care of the highlight - flying!

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